Beyond Blueprints With Gowri Adappa: On The Confluence Of South Indian Design And Contemporary Aesthetics

Gowri Adappa’s profile photo taken in the A Design Co. 's office

Gowri Adappa’s profile photo taken in the A Design Co. 's office. Image credit: Phosart Studio.

Gowri Adappa is an architect and interior designer inspired by South Asian aesthetics. A partner and co-founder of A Design Co. based out of Chennai, India. Her design studio firmly builds in infusing heritage and hints of local craftsmanship with contemporary design. Her love for sourcing unique pieces has resulted in a network of vendors in India and abroad that are unique to her projects. Gowri has collaborated with leading brands, photographers, and ad agencies on styling and space makeovers alongside individual clients. A genius with trad-mod styling, she talks about her influences and design approach and even spills some sourcing tips. 


A common practice is to make sure that the space has the appearance of being built with time, which helps it stay relevant. A crucial factor is weaving in stories of India; with Beyond Blueprints, we ask her how she designs specifically for South India.


The Artisanal House is nestled within a high-rise complex that offers captivating views of the Adyar River in the heart of Madras. Image credit: Phosart Studio



1. How would you describe your aesthetics and design style?


In one word: India Modern. I like to juxtapose the workmanship of local artisans and craftsmen in contemporary and modern spaces. This isn’t always the case with my projects; sometimes, I also get to work with a space built in the past. With these, I try to retain the core of the space while introducing modern elements to make the space shine. I would say we at A Design Co. create spaces that are timeless with materials that complement the built environment without compromising the integrity of the client’s needs. We tend to be size and typology-agnostic and purely engage with clients whose main driving force is design. 


“I engage with local artisans–whose art forms are slowly disappearing– making it possible to provide more opportunities to keep their craft going, and that’s what I feel is the need of the hour,” says Gowri Adappa



2. Can you list some of your favourite places to source traditional collectables? We Would also love some tips on the best way to find traditional wares. 


We always make sure we use local products and craftsmen to weave the story of Madras within our projects, so we get artisans and craftsmen from Pondicherry to do our cement finishes, handmade tiles, and millwork, among other things. In terms of decor stores, some of our favourites are: HeritageBlend The Studio, Souk and Soul, The Purple Turtles, Cape Kamoryn, and Atelier Lumys for custom lights. I also want to add Mahendra Doshi, Taherallys, and Phillips Antiques for some Art Deco gems! 



3. What, according to you, is the greatest discovery you’ve made in the history of art and design so far?  


I’ve learned that design transcends time. We don’t gravitate towards trends, and our goal is always to make the spaces we design exude timelessness. Homes that age and wear well with time are also incredibly popular among our clients, even 10 years into living in that space! 


In Colombo, the Courtyard House harmoniously combines the Indian and Sri Lankan roots of its homeowners. Image credit: Banuka Vithanage



4. What or who would you say has influenced your design the most? 


I take a lot of inspiration from Sri Lanka, especially in terms of architecture. The revered master architect Geoffrey Bawa has been a significant source of inspiration for me. His simplicity and sheer genius in the use of materials and space planning is something I strive to achieve. In terms of furniture and decor, I love using Mid-century modern and Art Deco elements as they are timeless and work beautifully in Indian homes. 



5. What is something Indian design needs to eliminate?


Replicating Pinterest boards from the West rarely works in our country. The weather, environment, and the use of space work very differently in South Asia. I encourage homeowners and designers to be conscious of the environment and context when designing or styling a space. 



6. Tell us about 5 memorable pieces you have sourced or acquired recently for yourself or a client.


I think the most memorable ones would be the objects that were passed on to me by my parents and family; for example, my grandfather’s letter box filled with letters exchanged between my grandparents, a vintage rug from Turkey or the etagere in my bar nook from a corner shop in England are a few that come to mind. The fifth one would be a Newton Francis Souza painting I recently purchased for my growing art collection.



7. What are some ways you incorporate sustainability into your practice? 


At A Design Co., we have engaged with the larger community and the city of Chennai through commissioned and self-initiated projects. We have partnered with ITDP India and the Corporation of Chennai on the 722 BRR (Pedestrianization project) and are currently anchoring an initiative to create a toolkit for citizen-led improvement of neighbourhood parks. These are just a few examples; moving forward, we would like to continue keeping our projects sustainable when it comes to sourcing and working with local environments. 


In London, the Town House, a 1930s Victorian property, is extended and refurbished for a couple from Madras now living in England for two decades. Image credit: Taran Wilkhu



8.  How important is cultural diversity in your design philosophy? Can you share an instance where you drew inspiration from a specific culture to create a unique piece?


While designing, we don’t like to start with a particular theme in mind; we design homes where you cannot pinpoint a specific style or time period. A common practice is to make sure that the space has the appearance of being built with time, which helps it stay relevant. A crucial factor is weaving in stories of India, specifically South India, without it being too on the nose. This could be through a colour palette, an antique piece to break the silence in an otherwise quiet room or art by an up-and-coming local artist. 


“The keystone and driving inspiration is our collaborative process between the client, designer, and tradesmen.”


Dipped in rich shades of colonial elements and matte black is the Brick House in London. Image credit: Taran Wilkhu



9. As a designer, how do you approach the challenge of incorporating cutting-edge technology into your work without sacrificing the timeless appeal of your designs?


We like the rawness and patina that natural materials and finishes bring– it’s a distinguished feature of our projects. We also want to make sure our local craftsmen don’t lose their jobs when we bring in technology that replaces the variable finish that they bring. That being said, we do acknowledge the need for technology and use it when it comes to the timelines and efficiency of certain elements. So, a healthy balance of traditional style that effectively compliments the use of technology. 



10. What valuable lessons have you learned about the intersection of business and design?


We restrict the number of projects we take for various reasons– the design-centred approach, an iterative process and our desire to work with clients who are design-driven. We also take on a limited number of projects, so those projects become our priority. I do want to add that the desire to be financially independent has been a huge motivator in my work. So, I strike a balance between the design aesthetics I bring to the table and my design expertise. I would never compromise design at the cost of business. I am an intuitive designer (and entrepreneur) and lead my practice based on what I feel is right and fair to all parties involved. And the rest automatically plays itself out for the better.

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